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Vol 2, Edition 1

New HR Management System Delivers Greater Efficiency

With a new year upon us, it’s time to make sure you are ready for success.

Because Fairsail, our new fully integrated, end-to-end Human Resources Management System, is now the company’s sole source for employee data and feeds information directly into other systems we use, it is important to keep your personal information up to date at all times via Self-Service HR.

The new Self-Service HR portal helps you manage your personal details, see organization charts, and request leave and absence time.

Currently the portal is available in English, French and Portuguese, but additional features will be available throughout the year.

How do I Access Self-Service HR?

You can access Self-Service HR via this link — please save this to your Internet favorites. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for accessing this site. You may experience authentication issues using some versions of Chrome.

If you are on the WestconGroup network, you should automatically be logged in. If you are not on the network or are prompted to log in, please use your network credentials:


username@eu.westcongrp.com (all staff based in EMEA), or username@na.westcongrp.com (all staff based in North America, Latin America or Asia Pacific)


your network/email password

Once logged in, it will take just 10 minutes to complete your personal profile and upload a profile picture. Because Self-Service HR generates organization charts, it is important that you upload a suitable photograph, such as a passport or business photograph.

If you have any questions about Self-Service HR and its functionalities, please contact your local HR manager.

If you run into issues logging in, please contact the Westcon-Comstor IT Service Desk at getsupport.westcon.com or call +1 914 829 7888.

uPerform Helps All of Us Perform Better

Have a resolution to make how you work smarter, not harder? Then you may want to take a look at uPerform.

uPerform enables Westcon-Comstor teams to create e-learning courses, simulations, and other content for training, software adoption and enterprise-wide knowledge sharing. With record-once/publish-many technology, anyone in the company can easily and quickly capture or document knowledge and distribute content to employees at the point of need, in the right language and in the right format. Assessments and knowledge checks confirm employee comprehension and effectiveness.

Key Benefits

Employee Engagement – A key factor to engagement is an employee’s sense of mastery. We have an enormous amount of knowledge and information throughout our workforce and we have a number of subject matter experts inside our operations, but how are we capturing and sharing this information? uPerform enables us to turn corporate knowledge into learning content, so our employees master business applications and processes. Providing our employees with the right knowledge, help and support — when, where and how it’s needed — translates to a more engaged team.

Software Adoption – Give our team the performance support they need, exactly when they need it. uPerform enables us to provide customized, on-the-job learning to speed software adoption, ensure knowledge retention and maximize our software investment. Whether the company is implementing new enterprise software, introducing a global mobile application or upgrading existing software, it is vital to ensure adoption. uPerform is the key to speedy and optimal software adoption.

Knowledge Retention – With uPerform, we can easily capture important knowledge to ensure it is never lost and that it is shared throughout our organization. By making it easy to capture and share, our workforce retains important knowledge, which maximizes employee productivity.

For a hands-on demo, contact uPerform Evangelist, Dorinda Haskel-Palladino, at +1 914 829 7346 or dorinda.palladino@westcongroup.com.